Screen captures of websites for Robert Maier and Emergency Response


When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) these days, you need:

  • A copywriter who understands proper keywording
  • A code guru who is going to make sure your HTML and CSS is up to snuff
  • An image editor who is going to make your graphics look sharp yet be processed for speedy delivery
  • A link master who understands the importance of your site's internal link structure

That's four extremely important roles to fill to improve your website's search engine ranking. And they can all be filled by one person: Me.

I've been producing content for websites for nearly 15 years for major entertainment companies like MTV Networks and Walt Disney, as well as for small businesses, independent media professionals, entertainers and others, as well as for my own personal websites. For my clients and myself, I know how to give a website a supercharged boost to vastly increase search engine rankings.

Most recently, my SEO techniques for author Robert Maier lead to a 50% increase in his book sales within the first month. (You can read some of the details of how I did it here.)

Another client, Emergency Response, regularly appears on the first page of Google for their most important keywords: "Crime Scene Cleaning." Go ahead, Google 'em and see!

My SEO techniques come from putting in a lot of work making a lot of websites a lot of money, no matter how big or small that site is. If you want me to do the same for you, please contact me.